You’ve probably heard that laser surgery may reduce your need for glasses. But did you know there’s an alternative that can free you from glasses… without surgery? It’s called Orthokeratology—also known as Corneal Refractive Therapy—and it uses special contact lenses that gently work to reshape the eye in the same way an orthodontist uses braces to re-align teeth. Wear the lenses while you sleep and wake up to clear, natural vision, all day long, without glasses or contacts! Orthokeratology is FDA approved as a safe, convenient and natural way to enjoy freedom from glasses, without the risk of surgery. Dr. Bauman was among the earliest eyecare professionals to utilize Orthokeratology, and has many years of experience in the successful use of this innovative procedure.

Surgical Vision Correction

For those individuals interested in laser vision correction, Dr. Bauman can provide an independent evaluation of your qualifications for vision correction surgery. The process begins with an in-depth eye exam and corneal topography to determine you candidacy as a LASIK patient. We will provide you with options and schedule an appointment with the surgeon most qualified to handle your procedure. Since we do not perform the surgery, we are free to provide you with an unbiased recommendation on the best procedure and surgical resource for ultimate result. In addition to independent consultation, we provide screening, scheduling and postoperative examinations.